Important tip

Please be safe when removing fluorescent bulbs. Turn off your light fixture to eliminate the chance of an electrical shock. Always stand on a sturdy surface or ladder, not a rolling chair. And please handle your bulbs with care.

Step 1 – Remove Bulbs

Per your light fixture manufacturer’s instructions, open the door for the light fixture. Reach up with both hands and grab the bulb as close to each end as you can.  Gently twist the bulb about 1/4 turn either clockwise or counterclockwise.  The pins on both ends of the bulb should now be aligned up and down. The bulb now should be easily taken out of the fixture.

Important tip

Before you remove the bulb, it’s a great time to check for end of life of the bulb. If one or both ends of the bulb are black you may want to consider replacing the bulb as it is losing its efficiency.

Step 2 – Install tube filters

Now slip the fluorescent light tube cover over the bulb. Then attach BOTH end caps over the end of the bulb ensuring that they are both completely over the ends of the tube filter. It is very important that you install the end caps, as it keeps the filter off the light bulb, eliminating the chance of the filters melting.

Step 3 – Install the bulb into fluorescent light fixture

For 4’ bulbs

Grab the bulb again with both hands, close to the ends and with the END PINS in a vertical position, gently slip BOTH PINS back into the light fixture ends.

Ensure that BOTH PINS have slipped into the end pieces.

Grasp the now filtered light bulb firmly with both hands and twist it about 1/4 turn either clockwise or counter clockwise to secure the bulb to the fixture.

Important tip

Close your fixture per your manufacturer’s instructions.

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