Overlay Covers (flat sheets)

Parabolic fixtures (“ice cube tray style”)

Prismatic fixtures (“existing plastic lens”)

Light fixtures vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.  While slightly more complex to install than fluorescent tube cover filters, the benefit is that the filter only has to be installed once and never has to be removed when changing fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent light covers are an easy DIY project and should take less than 1- minutes per fixture.

Step 1 – Measure twice

Per your light fixture manufacturer’s instructions, open the door for the light fixture. Some fixtures are hinged on one side and have release tabs on the other.

Once the door is open, measure the inside dimensions (length and width) of the fixture. The fluorescent light filter will lay on top of the parabolic, between the bulbs.

Important tip

While you have access to the light fixture, this is a great time to inspect the bulbs. If your bulbs are darkened at the ends, the bulb is probably near end of life. 

Replace the bulbs before continuing. Bulbs that are near end of life generate a lot of heat, which could damage your filters.

Step 2 – Cut once

Lay your fluorescent overlay filter on a flat surface and tape it in place. Transfer your measurements to the overlay filter using a long straight edge. Using scissors, a sharp razor or X-Acto knife, cut the filter to size.

Important tip

Step 3 – Tape into place

Before taping into place, make sure the reflective side is UP towards the bulbs. This will make cleaning off dust and dirt easier in the future.

For parabolic overlays

Tape each corner, ensuring that the filter is square with the fixture to keep the fluorescent light filter in place.

For prismatic lenses and diffusers

Align the overlay panel on the lens and tape into place.

We recommend a clear tape, such as  packing tape.

Step 4 – Close it up

Once the overlay filter has been positioned and fastened with tape, you can close the fixture according to your manufacturer’s instructions and enjoy your natural, full-spectrum light for years to come. Since our products are 100% recyclable, please dispose of your scraps in the nearest plastic recycle bin.

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